1. Do I take orders?
-Unfortunately I do not.

2. Will I modify a knife that I have previously built?
-Unfortunately I do not.

3. How can I buy a knife?
-By subscribing to my newsletter and signing up. You will be notified when a product
becomes available. Knives are sold on a first come, first serve basis
through my website.

4.What shows do I attend?
-The Blade Show & the USN Gathering Show.
Knives are also sold on a first come, first serve basis.

5. Will you repair my knife?
-Yes, only knives made by me. Any defects to my products will be covered by me.
My knives are made to last, however normal wear and tear is to be expected.
This is not covered under my warranty. All repairs are to my discretion,
but I will be fair.